Cat photos

Victoria fell in the toilet the other day. We heard a splash and she emerged from the bathroom licking wet paws. She’s very interested in the toilet for some reason.

She’s very comfortable around all of us now and rolls over to let us pat her tummy. Here she is with Elizabeth.


Helping Ben with a maths paper.


I love it when cats stretch by arching their backs like this.


She sleeps on my knee quite often now when I’m at work.




Getting a tummy rub.


3 Replies to “Cat photos”

  1. One of our cats used to be fascinated with water in the bathroom – he would follow the sound of water going down plugholes, and walk along the room, following the pipe.

  2. My cat would take my fingers off if I gave him a tummy rub – lol! Victoria is very nice natured.

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