Her favourite human

It’s so nice to have a companion animal around the house again. Little Victoria has settled into her new environment so well. She’s formed a particular attachment to Daniel for some reason and often sits on his lap when he’s in class.


The online school doesn’t break up until the end of this week so unlike all the other students in Aberdeen, Daniel and Elizabeth haven’t officially started the summer holidays yet.

Victoria has also taken to sleeping on Daniel’s bed overnight.


She’s discovered the bird feeder. The birds weren’t too happy about that but I’m sure they’ll quickly realise she can’t reach them.


Asleep on Daniel’s desk.



2 thoughts on “Her favourite human”

  1. It’s odd how cats form attachments with people, isn’t it. Our little rescue cat will only approach our youngest daughter – none of the rest of us… We call her the cat whisperer.

    1. That’s so sweet! Is your daughter the person who feeds the cat? I’m not sure why Victoria likes Daniel so much but he is very gentle and she must sense that he’s kind to animals.

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