Meet Victoria

We got a kitten. Her name is Victoria and she’s 11 weeks old. She came from a village in Aberdeenshire after her mother had an affair with the neighbourhood tom.



We had planned to get an adult cat from a shelter but this is quite difficult it turns out. We put in five applications including for one cat aged 9 with a heart condition. I felt sure no one would want him but someone else managed to adopt him first. Many of the cats at the shelter are also listed as requiring adult-only homes. There seem to be more people wanting cats than there are cats. This is probably due to the pandemic and people staying at home more than usual.

Victoria was listed on Gumtree with her two siblings and they received over 100 applications so we feel very lucky. She likes sleeping on Daniel’s desk next to the computer where it’s probably warm.


The scratching post is a hit.

She’s a very friendly and a sociable little thing. We picked her up on Friday night and she’s already made herself at home. She’s eating and fully litter-trained already. That’s so clever! I’ll probably become one of those annoying people who post photos of the cat all the time.



8 thoughts on “Meet Victoria”

  1. It’s good to know that so many people are applying for shelter cats. And a bonus to get a kitten – it’s a privilege to know them when they are that small and watch them grow.
    It would be good if the demand for cats extended to snakes and reptiles. A colleague has just moved into a new flat and found one of the neighbours is known for having a flat full of reptiles. The snakes always escape and find their way into other people’s flats.

    1. Oh my goodness about the snakes! That must be nerve-wracking knowing there are escaping snakes in the building. What type of snakes are they? I assume they’re harmless?

      It is a privilege to get a kitten and also one that has been well cared for by it’s mother in the first 11 weeks of life. Mothers apparently teach them how to use the litter tray and wash themselves and Victoria can do both things no problem. I have heard that sometimes when cats miss out on this early training it’s difficult to teach them later on.

  2. She is so adorable and we’re loving having her. I was worried she might be stressed for a little while about the new environment and separation from her mother and litter mates but she seems to be doing very well.

  3. Hi, I was scrolling through random posts and came across the pictures of your kitten. I’m not looking for follows or likes, but I hope you check out a post on my blog called Decision #1: Forgiveness, just so you can see how similar I think my new kitten looks to yours. Very cute

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