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  • Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes

    Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes

    There are more changes happening in Aberdeen. Yesterday on my usual bike ride into the city centre I discovered the top of Bon Accord Street has been taken over with picnic tables for Soul Restaurant which is the church in this next photo. Many churches in Aberdeen have been converted into pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and […]

  • Face masks

    Face masks

    I got myself a face mask. They’re not required here but it is recommended by the Scottish government and also now the WHO. I have been secretly wanting a face mask for years to filter out pollution from motor vehicles when I’m walking and cycling because I know how unhealthy it is to breathe. Now […]

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero

    Lots of heroes emerge in times of disaster. From neighbours delivering groceries to the vulnerable, to police topping up the electricity meter of an elderly man who was without power, to people donating meals to frontline workers. One of the heroes in my local community in Aberdeen is Artur Banach who has been printing face […]