I’m in the newspaper, allotment signs, and more jumping

I received another email from the council this week about my allotment. You may remember that they emailed me (and presumably everyone with an allotment in Aberdeen) a couple of weeks ago to say plotters would not be able to go to their allotments while the pandemic restrictions are in place. However, this was quickly overturned when the government announced that it’s still ok for people to run, walk, or cycle to their plots. This week I received the following email:

It has come to my attention that your plot is not displaying your plot number.

Can I please remind you that as detailed in Clause No: 15.3 of the new Allotment Regulations:

15.3 Tenants must ensure that their Allotment Plot is clearly marked with the designated Allotment Plot number and visible to the Council’s inspector/auditor.

Can you please mark your plot as soon as it is safe to do so.

I’ve had my plot for a few years now and it has never had a plot number. I find it remarkable that someone has taken the time, during a pandemic no less, to examine all the plots for plot numbers and then email me to tell me mine is missing. Nevertheless, I’m keen to obey clause no. 15.3 and am now in possession of a sign which I ordered online this week:


I will visit my plot over the weekend and make sure it’s clearly visible to all inspectors.

I made it into the Press and Journal this week in an article about a city council plan to build a dual carriageway right into the centre of town. It’s a plan that’s decades-old now and has no place in 21st-century urban design. The council are pushing it through anyway and we’re now at the stage where we can submit objections which is what many of us have done. I am forever hopeful that sense and reason will prevail.

More jumping today. Credit to Ben the photographer.

IMG_2429 2.jpeg