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  • I’m in the newspaper, allotment signs, and more jumping

    I’m in the newspaper, allotment signs, and more jumping

    I received another email from the council this week about my allotment. You may remember that they emailed me (and presumably everyone with an allotment in Aberdeen) a couple of weeks ago to say plotters would not be able to go to their allotments while the pandemic restrictions are in place. However, this was quickly […]

  • Ventilation shaft on Justice Mill Lane

    Ventilation shaft on Justice Mill Lane

    On Justice Mill Lane in Aberdeen is this lovely pole. I’ve always admired it and wondered what it was. Ben recently borrowed a book about Aberdeen from the local library and it gets a mention in that. It was built in 1905 as a ventilation shaft for underground tunnels containing electricity cabling. The ventilation helped […]

  • Moan, moan, moan – that’s all I seem to do

    I feel like I’m always complaining to the Aberdeen City Council. It’s just that they keep making silly decisions and not doing what I suggest. This week they announced their plans for pedestrianisation of an historic street in the city centre only their idea of pedestrianisation is to make it a thoroughfare for buses. Don’t […]

  • Bicycle versus helicopter

    Now that I no longer have a child under the age of three, I find myself re-engaging with popular culture after a six-year hiatus. So please forgive me for writing about an event from September, 2009. Back then, I was heavily pregnant and deeply buried in dirty nappies. Back in 2009, a challenge was presented […]