Serving drinks on a train

Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on

I had a funny dream last night that I was on a train and Prince Charles was on it serving drinks. He served me a sparkling water and I didn’t know whether to bow or curtsy or say “his majesty” or what. It was all very awkward. Perhaps this was prompted by Meghan and Harry’s decision to become independent and pay their own way. I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. If members of the royal family want to become financially independent then I think that’s great news for taxpayers. I wish them both very well and I doubt they’ll have to serve drinks on a train.

Overall I do quite like the royal family and I like the effort they are making to reduce expenses. For instance, before Christmas, the Queen traveled to Sandringham by train, catching a public commuter train from King’s Cross Station in London. Last year, Kate and William flew on the budget airline Flybe from Norwich to Aberdeen. They also took their kids to the footy and sat with everyone else:

It doesn’t just show a commitment to reducing expenses but also a desire to live as normally as possible and to not single themselves out as more important than anyone else. It’s humbling and endearing and I like them all the more for it.