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  • But when will they all get electric cars?

    I never thought I’d say this but I do feel a bit sorry for the Royal Family this week. I haven’t watched the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry and probably won’t. I think it’s inappropriate to share family disputes with an international audience and am puzzled why anyone would want to make already strained […]

  • Daniel just metres from the Duchess

    Daniel just metres from the Duchess

    The Duchess of Cambridge was in Aberdeen today helping at a café that employs people who were previously homeless and also donates the profits to good causes. Daniel walked past the café while she was there and saw a lot of cameras and commotion out the front. He didn’t know what was going on so […]

  • Serving drinks on a train

    Serving drinks on a train

    I had a funny dream last night that I was on a train and Prince Charles was on it serving drinks. He served me a sparkling water and I didn’t know whether to bow or curtsy or say “his majesty” or what. It was all very awkward. Perhaps this was prompted by Meghan and Harry’s […]