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  • Who would be king?

    The Monarch’s Song from the terrific children’s BBC production, Horrible Histories, helps young people learn the names of all the monarchs in British history. However it has always bothered me that it starts with William the Conqueror because he was not the first King of England. The very first King of England was Æthelstan, the […]

  • But when will they all get electric cars?

    I never thought I’d say this but I do feel a bit sorry for the Royal Family this week. I haven’t watched the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry and probably won’t. I think it’s inappropriate to share family disputes with an international audience and am puzzled why anyone would want to make already strained […]

  • Daniel just metres from the Duchess

    Daniel just metres from the Duchess

    The Duchess of Cambridge was in Aberdeen today helping at a café that employs people who were previously homeless and also donates the profits to good causes. Daniel walked past the café while she was there and saw a lot of cameras and commotion out the front. He didn’t know what was going on so […]

  • Serving drinks on a train

    Serving drinks on a train

    I had a funny dream last night that I was on a train and Prince Charles was on it serving drinks. He served me a sparkling water and I didn’t know whether to bow or curtsy or say “his majesty” or what. It was all very awkward. Perhaps this was prompted by Meghan and Harry’s […]

  • Prince Philip is setting a bad example

    Last week Prince Philip was involved in a car crash after pulling out of the Sandringham estate in his Land Rover and onto the A149. He’s received a lot of criticism for driving at 97 years old and many people are calling for him to relinquish his licence. The whole affair has outraged me but […]

  • Balmoral Castle

    Balmoral Castle

    I have had the best four days. I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic it has been. Friday was Dunnottar Castle, Saturday was a cycle ride to Newton Dee & Shakespeare at Drum Castle in the evening, Sunday we went to the Moscow State Circus, and today we visited Balmoral Castle. My sister has […]

  • Royalty


    I like to think I’m not at all interested in the Royal family because we Australians are not known for our deference to royalty or to people with titles and money. Jack’s as good as his master, as the saying goes, and it’s what I think and live by. But, and there is a but, […]

  • Sack racing in front of the Queen

    Sack racing in front of the Queen

    We were very pleased to return our campervan today and return home to hot water and flushing toilets. I’ve realised that those old VW campervans are just for young, cool people who can defy their natural biology by not producing any poo. Ben and I both have war wounds. Ben for hitting his head on […]