A Scottish ceilidh

On Saturday night after the Braemar junior games, there was a family ceilidh in the village hall.  A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), is a traditional Scottish event with dancing and fiddle music. Other countries have something similar called a “barn dance”. We’ve been to a couple of ceilidhs here and they’re wonderful fun.

Someone, a caller, usually calls out the dance steps and there are a variety of dances involving dancing with one partner, in a group, or moving around the room from one person to the next. It’s terrific, wholesome, family fun and my Fitbit clocked up over 20,000 steps on Saturday thanks, in large part, to the ceilidh.

We took this photo outside the village hall. The girl on the right is a friend Elizabeth made at the games.


A few years ago I bought this tartan bodice at a shop in Edinburgh and only just got around to wearing it. I learnt after my first ceilidh that it’s best to dress for summer, even in mid-winter, because you get so hot from the dancing.



Our jumping shot.



This next photo was taken the next day at the games park in Braemar. It’s such a lovely venue.



The village hall.


The River Clunie.



An old-fashioned sweetie shop.



Cake at our favourite cafe, The Bothy. They usually have at least one vegan cake.




3 thoughts on “A Scottish ceilidh”

  1. I like the asymmetric shape of the bodice and so cute that Elizabeth made a friend. My kids were so shy and didn’t always make friends with others easily.

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