A beautiful wedding

The four of us beside the River Dee

We went to a friend's wedding yesterday and it was marvellous. Weddings are wonderful things. What's not to like about food, wine, dancing, and funny speeches? But weddings in Scotland are even better because they have ceilidhs. The ceremony was in the winter gardens at Duthie Park which was perfect. Aberdeen put on a beautiful… Continue reading A beautiful wedding

Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

Daniel, Elizabeth, and Dione at the ceilidh

Welcome 2023 and happy hogmanay! Yesterday was a crazily busy day. It started early with cake-baking for Elizabeth's birthday. She turned 13 and I finally got to hand over the ant colony which is thankfully still alive. She is still pondering a name for the Queen and her empire. I made a chocolate cake which… Continue reading Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

A Scottish ceilidh

On Saturday night after the Braemar junior games, there was a family ceilidh in the village hall.  A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), is a traditional Scottish event with dancing and fiddle music. Other countries have something similar called a "barn dance". We've been to a couple of ceilidhs here and they're wonderful fun. Someone, a caller,… Continue reading A Scottish ceilidh

Brussels sprouts, ceilidhs, and ethical clothing

I went to the allotment yesterday after an absence of almost a month due to treacherous ice on the bike path. It was just as well I went as most of my netting had been blown off and was no longer protecting plants. Something has been having a good nibble of this: I wasn't even… Continue reading Brussels sprouts, ceilidhs, and ethical clothing