Moroccan lentil soup with stinging nettles

Nothing beats a good soup. They’re a great way to use up vegetables and to warm the body on a cold day. They’re also an effective method for getting vegetables into children. They’re cheap to make and can be beefed up by adding in some legumes like lentils or chick peas (not beef).

On Saturday I made a delicious soup from Dr Gregor’s How not to die cookbook. The recipe called for baby greens which I didn’t have. Usually, I have kale in the fridge but the devastating loss of my kale plants at the allotment has meant we are without kale for the moment. Instead, I went foraging in the wild and added stinging nettles.

Stinging nettles are so great because they’re everywhere and very nutritious. You have to wear gloves when picking them but 10 minutes of boiling completely removes the sting.



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