A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit

Some kayakers lost a kayak in the River Clunie today and we watched the rescue operation. I’m amazed anyone kayaks on this part of the river because it looks way too treacherous to me.


The kayak was bobbing up and down for a long time – at least half an hour. It was caught in a circular current that prevented it from floating downstream. Eventually one of the kayakers prepared himself to enter the water to retrieve it. He tied a rope around himself and just as he was getting in the current released the kayak and it floated downstream. I got the last bit on video.

Then we did the Queen’s Drive walk which is a circuit starting from the road opposite the Fife Arms. It eventually joins a carriage route Queen Victoria used to enjoy, hence the name, Queen’s Drive.  The walk is just under 3 miles, with a good track, and pleasant views of Braemar and the surrounding hills. It’s also partly forested. It was just lovely and a walk I’d definitely do again.












Then back at the River Clunie and the Fife Arms again.


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