I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Cycling by design guidance

At the beginning of this year I thought my days of cycle campaigning were coming to an end. Not because I didn't still fully support the need for cycling infrastructure but because the designs the council were showing us were all good and aside from minor details I felt confident and positive about the future… Continue reading I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Don’t be an idler competiton

As many of my readers know a pet hate of mine is when motorists sit in their cars with their engines running poisoning us all with their fumes. Last year I contacted the council about the problem to see whether they could help. After all, it is illegal in Scotland to leave your engine idling.… Continue reading Don’t be an idler competiton

King Street cycle path competition

Last week, on behalf of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum, I launched a design competition for a cycle path on King Street in Aberdeen. Out of all the cities in Scotland, Aberdeen was the only one not to apply for Sustrans Community Links Plus funding this year which is specifically for infrastructure projects like this. The… Continue reading King Street cycle path competition

Designing for Cycle Traffic

I've just run my very first campaign as the new Campaigns and Communications Secretary of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum. The campaign was to raise money for the purchase of two books on Designing for Cycle Traffic for the Aberdeen City Council and the Aberdeenshire Council. If you check our Go Fund Me page we raised… Continue reading Designing for Cycle Traffic

AWPR demo recap

The demonstration organised by Aberdeen Cycle Forum and members last Sunday was a huge success. It's the third such demo I've helped to organise and it was by far the best in terms of turnout. Aberdonians are conservative engineers who don't protest. We go to go work, keep to ourselves, and don't complain. However people… Continue reading AWPR demo recap