The weekly yield

This is what I picked from my allotment yesterday.


There is more I could have picked but didn’t, like kale, swiss chard, spinach, beetroot, and potatoes. The tomatoes are some kind of tiger variety and are meant to look stripy. I’m really happy to get them because a couple of months ago the plants looked unhealthy and the leaves were curling. This next photo was taken in early June.

I decided to put some organic liquid fertiliser in the troughs back then and they immediately started to improve. They still don’t look 100% but new leaves are not curling and I’m now getting tomatoes so they must have been deficient in something. The compost in the pots was left by the previous plot holder so I have no idea what it is.


On Saturday Daniel I walked home from town along South College Street and someone has planted a row of apple trees and lots of wild flowers. It was a little strip of beautiful on an otherwise industrial road.



Imagine if they’d just kept get the grass neatly mown there? It wouldn’t be nearly as lovely to look at.

4 thoughts on “The weekly yield”

  1. I follow the Wildflower Lewes group and we are all feeling sad that some of the verges have been completely shorn back 😦 I think it’s part of the Wait-and-see scheme, whatever that means. Wildflowers are amazing.

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