Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter

I was really happy to see this Tweet from Surrey Police on Twitter.

I went for a bike ride today and I was thinking about how the act of sitting on a bike and pedalling makes some people hate me. For no rational reason other than being on a bike, I am hated. What struck me about this thought is I suddenly realised how it feels to be the victim of racism or anti-gay prejudice only much worse for them because in their case it’s a hatred of their very being, their existence, their biology. For me, it’s just a hatred of what I’m doing not who I am.

It looks like Jordan might have had a tough time after sending that Tweet because his or her profile is now protected and Jordan is suddenly claiming to be Mark Cavendish, the British cyclist. I think it’s important to stand up to people like Jordan. We shouldn’t tolerate this kind of hatred and the more good people who object the less likely the Jordans of this world will get away with it.