Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter

I was really happy to see this Tweet from Surrey Police on Twitter.

I went for a bike ride today and I was thinking about how the act of sitting on a bike and pedalling makes some people hate me. For no rational reason other than being on a bike, I am hated. What struck me about this thought is I suddenly realised how it feels to be the victim of racism or anti-gay prejudice only much worse for them because in their case it’s a hatred of their very being, their existence, their biology. For me, it’s just a hatred of what I’m doing not who I am.

It looks like Jordan might have had a tough time after sending that Tweet because his or her profile is now protected and Jordan is suddenly claiming to be Mark Cavendish, the British cyclist. I think it’s important to stand up to people like Jordan. We shouldn’t tolerate this kind of hatred and the more good people who object the less likely the Jordans of this world will get away with it.


7 thoughts on “Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter”

  1. Looks like the police removed their tweet as well. Good they stepped in. I recently noticed a police van with a sticker asking cars to use a distance of at least 1.5 meters when passing a bicycle. That probably is more effective then when we say this.

    The hatred for minorities, gays and cyclists likely comes from the same source. Social Darwinians who think it is natural for the powerful (rich people with cars) to squash the less powerful (people who can only afford a bike). If everyone had that mindset we would still be in the trees.

    1. Ah bummer that the Tweet has been deleted. I wonder why? I wish I’d taken a screenshot now.

      Squashing a minority is what makes a bully. Aggression by motorists against cyclists is bullying. They have all the power on the roads.

  2. We have enough hatred in society, and it’s good that they stepped in. I wish more public officials would be more forthcoming like this. The local peace officers here won’t lift a finger.

    1. I think there’s a campaign here for police all over the UK to support vulnerable road users. I saw this Tweet from the Scottish Police recently:

  3. I cycle through a busy town every morning and evening, and have been oddly de-sensitised to the behaviour of car drivers. The ones that really annoy me are those that obviously see you, and then pretend they have not – either pulling out in front of you, or cutting you up spectacularly (and not daring look at you while doing so).

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