Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter

I was really happy to see this Tweet from Surrey Police on Twitter. I went for a bike ride today and I was thinking about how the act of sitting on a bike and pedalling makes some people hate me. For no rational reason other than being on a bike, I am hated. What… Continue reading Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter

Are websites becoming obsolete?

Are Facebook business pages and Twitter stories obliterating the need for businesses and individuals to have a website? I see this happening quite a lot now - a business builds themselves a Facebook page and this becomes their only online presence. Is it a good idea for a company to maintain their online presence using… Continue reading Are websites becoming obsolete?

What is Twitter good for?

Lots of things! I found one particularly good use for it recently. Yesterday I published a fact sheet which I copied directly from George Monbiot's blog about the harm traffic pollution does to children. I thought I'd better double-check with him that this would be ok and so I sent him a Tweet. He replied almost… Continue reading What is Twitter good for?

Some cool things from the #cycling Twitter feed

  Before I go to bed each night I read the #cycling Twitter feed. There's some good stuff there. Here are some of the things I've seen recently. I thought this was very funny: a car drove into a high-viz shop. This is inspiring. There are 6 children on that bike! I thought I did… Continue reading Some cool things from the #cycling Twitter feed

An apology and Scottish independence

I retweeted a tweet earlier that I thought was funny but was criticised for tweeting foul language. I actually regret retweeting that tweet now (and have removed it from my feed), not so much because of the language - I do have a bit of a foul mouth - but because I can see that some might find… Continue reading An apology and Scottish independence