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  • The tragic abuse of power

    The murder of George Floyd by a police officer in the United States and subsequent protests has dwarfed the usual pandemic reporting we’ve had non-stop since February. The murder was recorded by a passerby and now the whole world has seen it. It shows a police officer kneeling on a man’s neck as he lies […]

  • Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

    Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

    Tomorrow Aberdeen will be having a mass bike ride in protest of the lack of cycling infrastructure in the city. This is part of a nation-wide group of protests under the umbrella of Pedal on Parliament 2019. Several weeks ago I notified the police of the event, out of courtesy. In the past they’ve usually […]

  • Surrey Police supporting cycling on Twitter

    I was really happy to see this Tweet from Surrey Police on Twitter. Jordan @Jordanaris2 – a cyclist, much like any other road user, is perfectly entitled to use as much of their lane as they deem necessary. Your language and hatred towards another road user is disturbing – remember, if you’re ever involved in […]