Vegan BBQ

Argos are selling a vegan BBQ. The vegan industry is growing rapidly in the UK and I guess there’s money to be made by using the v-word. Obviously vegans can use any type of BBQ because all BBQs are vegan. Maybe I should start selling a vegan bike?

The supermarkets here are ramping up their vegan range. Sainsbury’s has been launching new vegan products regularly for at least 18 months now and yesterday they announced there’s more to come. Waitrose apparently has a fully vegan section and Tesco launched a range of vegan ready meals in January. But it needn’t be complicated. Veganism is really just eating plants. We have evolved to eat plants and need to eat plants for good health. We also have them in abundance except that most of our crops are currently fed to livestock. Hopefully the wind is changing.

12 thoughts on “Vegan BBQ”

  1. > Veganism is really just eating plants.

    I totally loved how simply you put it. That’s what I believe too.

    I don’t give up on little meat I eat, but veggies and fruit have special place in my heart. I never regretted eating them. I fall back to greens often when I need to be sure what I eat won’t slow me down with whatever I have to do that day and especially while travelling.

  2. At least a vegan bike would make some sense ( do leather saddles still exist?). But a vegan barbecue? I am missing a trick – given my art always features only plants I should advertise it as vegan art!

  3. I will admit to grinning at the “Vegan Barbecue”. It makes you wonder just how stupid marketing people think we are, doesn’t it.

      1. It’s just a normal BBQ. If you check the reviews there plenty of meats etc. I took it as a nasty joke more than a helpful thing towards Vegans as we can just use a normal BBQ anyway. Seems misleading and unnessary.

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