Mince lemons and how not to die

My favourite cookbook right now is the How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr Greger.  The recipes are delicious, fairly easy, and very nutritious. They are also kid-friendly. I will share some on my blog in due course however right now I want to post a tip from the book which I can’t believe I never thought to do before. It involves lemons. I cook with lemons a lot but they’re a nuisance to squeeze, it gets messy, and most of the lemon gets tossed in the compost. Dr. Greger suggests instead to put a heap of lemons into your food processor, skin and all, then mince them up.


The result is a mushy soup which can be spooned into ice cube trays and frozen. Whenever you need lemon in cooking all you need to do is remove a cube from the freezer and pop it in the pot. This method retains all the fibre and nutrition in the whole lemon rather than just the juice. It’s healthier and much easier.


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