The loo awards

Before I started working for Award Force I never knew how many award programs there were in the world and for things you never expected like the The Loo of the Year Awards and The National Fish and Chip Awards. It’s also heart-warming to see how much an award means to the people who receive them like last year’s winner of the Female Excellence in Advice award, Lea Schodel, who says it was a career highlight for her.

As someone who doesn’t like public toilets very much I can see the importance of loo of the year. For me the top criteria would be good ventilation, privacy, and cleanliness. There’s nothing worse than going into a public toilet with several cubicles where there’s one other person in there and complete silence. I get stage fright and can’t do anything. Sometimes I have to leave and return later. It’s even worse if you have to do a number 2 and you don’t want to stink it out for the other person. Sounds are amplified in public toilets and every plop suddenly sounds like I’m giving birth to a giant turd. Being vegan I find myself needing to do number 2 quite often. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. This is why I love working from home where I have my own private loo.

I found out who sent me the beer. I emailed Keith Brewery to find out and it’s because my letter to the editor of Scottish Field Magazine was accepted. I knew they were going to publish my letter but not that I’d get beer. I will have to send letters to the magazine more often.