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  • Craigendarroch, Ballater

    Craigendarroch, Ballater

    We went for another fantastic walk today, this time up Craigendarroch in Ballater. I got lots of great photos. We’ve climbed up Craigendarroch many times now and in all seasons and weathers. Today was mostly sunny and a very easy climb except for the beginning bit where we ended up off the path. We usually […]

  • A hill walk at last and testing the hydrogen car

    A hill walk at last and testing the hydrogen car

    We haven’t been out for a walk in the hills since February. Not since our night to remember at the Fife Arms in Braemar. When we drove out into the country to collect our new kitten a couple of weeks ago that was the first time we’d been inside a car since March. I honestly […]

  • Back to Craigendarroch

    We went for a glorious walk up Craigendarroch today. The landscapes are beautiful at this time of year with a palette of yellows, oranges, golds, reds, browns, pinks, and greens. Craigendarroch is a steep and craggy hill overlooking the village of Ballater in Aberdeenshire. It’s covered in oak trees, hence the name Craigendarroch – craig […]

  • A winter person

    A winter person

    I didn’t want to leave Ballater today. It started snowing heavily this morning and it was the kind of snow that settles for a few days; the best kind of snow. The flakes were huge and dry and it wasn’t windy or particularly cold. The snow followed us all the way back home, turning to […]

  • Craigendarroch, Ballater, Scotland

    Craigendarroch, Ballater, Scotland

    Today we walked up Craigendarroch which means hill of oak (craig = hill or crag/rock, and darroch = oak). It’s a steep, rocky hill overlooking the village of Ballater. From the ground it doesn’t look very inviting because of the rocky cliffs and indeed the women behind the reception desk in our hotel tried to […]