The mighty River Dee

The River Dee is looking particularly beautiful today. I’ve never seen it with so much ice, not this close to the harbour. Much of Scotland has been blanketed in snow over the past week except for Aberdeenshire. We’ve had crisp, dry, cold, but sunny days. If I can’t have snow then my second choice is for a crisp sunny day. It has been sunny and dry for most of the past week and everything is frozen. Even the dirt is frozen.




I took these next two photos at Duthie Park this morning.



There is no sun today. Maybe we’ll get some snow later?

We had pancakes at Foodstory for lunch. They do pancake Sunday every week and they’re really good. They serve it with granola, nuts, seeds, dairy-free yoghurt, and fruit compotes. Here’s my plate half-way through.


And about 5 minutes later.


But be warned, Foodstory is packed! Go early or you won’t get a seat.

Elizabeth looks particularly cute in my crochet hat. I made it for myself several years ago but it fits her better.



9 thoughts on “The mighty River Dee”

  1. You take food blogging photos like I do. Once I see the food, I start eating…and then I think I should take a picture.
    Now I want to eat pancakes…or better yet waffles.

  2. I love the halfway through photo of dinner – I’m ALWAYS forgetting to take a photo of dinners we have cooked that turned out well – and then you look at the devastation on the plate, and think “oh crap – I forgot” lol

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