A merry vegan atheist Christmas

Things that make me happy:

  1. A green landscape.
  2. Old furniture.
  3. Victorian buildings.
  4. Snow.
  5. A good pale ale.
  6. Vegan food.
  7. Music.
  8. My family.

I got all these things for Christmas except for number 4: snow. However snow and a green landscape are mutually exclusive so I’ll accept that I can’t have both.

How does a vegan atheist celebrate Christmas? Ben and I had a delicious vegan roast cooked in pastry with plates of roast vegetables including my own home-grown sprouts. This is the only day of the year that I’ll buy meat for the children and they had salmon which they said was very good.


The vegan roast contains pecans, cranberries, sage, rosemary, thyme, brussels sprouts, pumpkin seeds and more. I didn’t make it. I bought it at Foodstory last week especially for today. It’s a bit lazy of me, I’ll admit, but when you cook meat you don’t make the animal yourself. You buy it and put it in the oven so this is not really any different. I did however prepare all the vegetables and I even made my own cranberry sauce which was the star of the show.

The nice thing about vegan food is you don’t feel bloated or sick afterwards, even when you eat a huge amount.


These are all vegan cheeses from Sainsburys:


The beer is an Orkney pale ale.


Ben bought me two Highland cow calendars by mistake. He purchased one then promptly forgot about it only to buy another one several weeks later. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that. I do like Highland cows too.


It’s almost time for the Doctor Who Christmas special. Merry Vegan Christmas to you all!

14 thoughts on “A merry vegan atheist Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas to you all too, Rachel.

    Glad, you got to enjoy the things you like and had a great time and with your family.

    What’s that white thing in Daniel’s plate?

    I didn’t eat meat or too many cookies on Christmas Day. We got to play a bit of rugby and basketball for two hours at the nearby park. That’s our Christmas and happy about it.

  2. Buying Christmas presents can be stressful remembering too buy something and then where it is hidden in the house. Sympathise with Ben

    1. Yes, Ben made a note of where he’d hidden the gift in the house and it wasn’t until he saw his note after buying it a second time that he realised he’d bought two 🙂

  3. I went to a vegan potluck last night and really overdid it, and am here to tell you that vegan bloat is a thing. I especially blame the three slices of vegan cheesecake that I already didn’t have room for.

    1. I’ve never had three servings of vegan cheesecake in one sitting so it’s possible vegan bloat is a thing. If I get the opportunity to eat three slices of cake I’ll definitely give it a try. Just for academic purposes of course 🙂

    1. Doctor Who was a bit boring. There was no action and not really much of a plot. Most of the previous Christmas episodes have been really exciting but nothing much happened in this one. What did you think of it?

      1. That’s what I thought!! Lots of chat no plot. I went onto the Digital Spy forum to see whether I’d missed something – it seems that diehard Who fans got lots of references to previous Doctors and episodes that the rest of us wouldn’t have.

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