Raffles, prizes, spies, and things

It was the school fair recently and Elizabeth won two raffle prizes. She’s always winning things. Once she’s old enough to bet on the Melbourne Cup I’m copying her bets. The first prize was an enormous basket of toys, games, and things for the garden. The second prize was a ยฃ25 voucher for a restaurant in Aberdeen. We also bought some DVDs for 20p including Argo, which I’ve always wanted to see. We watched it over the weekend and it was great – oh the suspense!

Ben’s sister once told me that she thought Ben was a spy because he travels so much and often to strange places that a spy might visit like Colombia and Israel. She thinks the mathematics and chess is just a ruse. He denies it of course, but then a spy would do exactly that.

I’ve got a vein running down one side of my face beside my eye. Perhaps I’ve got a brain tumour and the blood vessels are growing and creating an elaborate network to feed it? Ok, so I don’t really think that but it did cross my mind ๐Ÿ™‚