Bichon Burgers

I humbly suggest for consideration that the tens of thousands of dogs that are killed each year in Britain be offered for sale to feed the hungry and growing population. A German Shepherd could feed as many as 50 people while a chihuahua could feed a family of four. People in Britain are familiar and comfortable with the idea of dogs as pets, so there will be good brand recognition.  Surely it is only a small step to take from owning a dog to eating one?

Dogs are currently eaten and enjoyed as a nourishing food source in China, South Korea, and Vietnam. An estimated 13-16 million dogs are eaten by humans every year in Asia. Traditional uses of dog meat are roasted dog, dog soup, and dog-meat sausages. Most dogs can be eaten from around 1 year of age and the fur could be used in gloves, coats, and other garments by the fashion industry.

By eating dogs we will solve two problems: the desire to eat meat by a growing human population and also the problem of abandoned, stray, and unwanted dogs. The factory farming of animals is creating lots of environmental problems like climate change, waste pollution, and antibiotic resistance. Stray dogs don’t contribute to any of these problems and are killed anyway. The human population is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050 and humans have an insatiable appetite for meat.

Eating dogs also provides us with economic opportunities. Dog catchers can earn a living by rounding up and collecting dogs while the sale of the meat will provide business opportunities for butchers and restaurants. The great variety of breeds lends itself to clever marketing and recipe ideas like spaghetti spaniel, peppered pug, and terrier tagine. Enterprising chefs can capitalise on novel dishes involving different breeds and body parts like dog tails and paws.


Here’s a recipe idea: Bichon Burgers

225g cooked meat from a bichon frise
1 small onion
40g fresh bread crumbs
2 tblsp chopped parsley
1 clove garlic
1 small egg, beaten
a couple of chopped spring onions

Mix all ingredients in a food processor then divide into small burger-sized portions and fry in oil. Serve between two slices of break with ketchup and eat.

11 responses to “Bichon Burgers”

  1. The logical extension to your sentiment would be that we eat humans. That would be even better for the environment.

  2. The best food source – by quite some margin – is insects. They are cheap to farm, and (apparerntly) very nutritious. Expect to see all manner of food stuffs with them in within 50 years.

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