Glamping in a bus

I’ve got lots of bus photos to share today. First, the chicken bus again because I think it’s ingenious. Just inside the front door is a gate to stop the chickens from escaping. Also up front and where the driver sat is a good storage area for food and straw which provides handy access and protection from the elements.


Inside the bus at the back is a little doorway for the chooks to get in and out. The seats have also been removed and the seat frames now provide a nice perch.


Here are some photos from inside our bus. The bedroom is at the very back and has a sky light for star gazing.


The kitchen/lounge area (the kids are cracking eggs for their breakfast):


The log burner:


The toilet is where the bus driver used to sit:


The shower:


There are two bunk beds for the kids. Here’s a pic inside Elizabeth’s:


Breakfast this morning:



There’s an honesty shop on the site where you can take what you want and pay at the end. This is particularly useful because there’s always something you forget to bring with you and it has essential items like tea, coffee, and chocolate.


In the bus is a book with photos of the transformation from public transport to accommodation. I took some photos of pages in the book of how the bus used to look:







This is our first time glamping and we’re having a terrific time. The bus has everything we need – kettle, microwave, toaster, stove, fridge/freezer, electric power points, wifi, bathroom, log burner, wood-fired hot tub, bbq, and fresh eggs from the nearby chicken bus. The beds are comfortable and warm and all the linen is provided. There are lovely views from all windows and it’s peaceful, quiet, and private. It’s about 30mins drive from Edinburgh in East Lothian. If you want to find out more they have a web site at

Today we walked to the village of Gifford which is 2.7 miles away and was a lovely ramble through wheat fields, forests, and burns (streams). In Scotland they have a freedom to roam rule where the general public has the right to access private property. This meant we were able to walk across private farmland rather than walking alongside a road. It was a beautiful walk. IMG_1780.JPG




We had lunch in Gifford at a pub called Goblin Ha where I had one of the most delicious vegetarian meals I’ve ever had. There was a lot of choice on the menu for me. It’s so easy to eat a plant-based diet in the UK.

6 thoughts on “Glamping in a bus”

  1. OMG that looks SO AWESOME!
    I want to glamping too now! And the hens in there… it’s such a plus for huge eggs-eater like me and Franz!

    1. You could go! It’s about 20-30 mins from Edinburgh. There are two buses – one sleeps four and the other sleeps two. Both buses have their own private wood-fired hot tub.

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