Broad Street is open to buses

Broad Street is open to buses again after several months of closure while construction work was carried out. I was there yesterday and took some photos of the new design: Can you see what's wrong with the new design? It's not clear where the road ends and the pavement begins. There's no kerb. It's all… Continue reading Broad Street is open to buses

Part-pedestrianisation of Broad St

To say I was disappointed when the Aberdeen City Council announced in June 2016 they were to go ahead with a part-pedestrianisation of Broad St is to say I'm unmoved by a bit of snow. Perhaps I get too emotional about these things but just as I'm overjoyed to see snow, I was deeply saddened… Continue reading Part-pedestrianisation of Broad St

Glamping in a bus

I've got lots of bus photos to share today. First, the chicken bus again because I think it's ingenious. Just inside the front door is a gate to stop the chickens from escaping. Also up front and where the driver sat is a good storage area for food and straw which provides handy access and protection from the elements.… Continue reading Glamping in a bus

Peeing in the driver’s seat

We are glamping in a bus and it's heaven. We have our own wood-fired hot tub in a peaceful rural setting of wheat fields and rolling hills. It doesn't get much better than this. Teetotal me even enjoyed a South African organic red with no added sulphur. This is my kind of camping. Here's our bus:… Continue reading Peeing in the driver’s seat