Peeing in the driver’s seat

We are glamping in a bus and it’s heaven. We have our own wood-fired hot tub in a peaceful rural setting of wheat fields and rolling hills. It doesn’t get much better than this. Teetotal me even enjoyed a South African organic red with no added sulphur. This is my kind of camping.




Here’s our bus:


There’s a toilet and shower in what was once the driver’s seat, hence my title, peeing in the driver’s seat. There are also chickens and we can help ourselves to eggs. The chickens have their own bus to sleep in.


Daniel driving the chicken’s bus:


Inside the chicken’s bus:


There are also alpacas but they don’t have a bus because they prefer to sleep outside:IMG_1648.JPG


It’s the time of year with fields of gold everywhere and they’re beautiful. It’s rapeseed and they match my coat … kind of.



The wifi is ace too.

10 thoughts on “Peeing in the driver’s seat”

  1. I too took the heading seriously – I suppose you’re usually so frank it wasn’t a surprise, just who was the culprit? I had short odds on… no that would be saying! The whole experience looks brilliant.

    1. Well it kind of is true. The toilet is exactly where the driver’s seat was and it’s even up on a platform so it feels like I’m peeing in the driver’s seat 🙂
      It is a brilliant place – the bus, the setting, everything.

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