Homemade hot cross buns

Every year on Good Friday, for as long as I’ve known him, Ben makes hot cross buns. Having stuffed myself silly with about half-a-dozen of them now I can say with honesty that this year’s batch was particularly good, maybe even the best yet. They are vegan, without peel, and preservative-free. Perfect! Ben says he used vinegar and baking soda as a replacement for the egg.


7 responses to “Homemade hot cross buns”

  1. Looks amazing. I bet they taste yummy too!

    Is it a 4 day weekend for Easter in U.K. too?

    The best hot cross buns I had in Auckland are from Bakers Delight. The store near to my home has been closed. And I’m being lazy to go and buy them from another store.

    • I dislike peel and I think Bakers Delight put peel in theirs. But otherwise their bread is the best!

      How’s things in Auckland? A bit soggy? Was there much damage from the cyclone?

    • Yes, I can’t stand peel. I don’t understand how people like biting into large chunks of the skin from an orange or lemon. There’s a reason we remove the skin and eat the stuff inside. I don’t mind if it’s finely grated for flavour, but big chunks or it … yuk.

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