An orchestra in the toilet

I got my bag early yesterday evening, thank goodness. There’s a B&B in the building we’re staying in so I had the idea to go and knock on their door to see whether my bag had been delivered to the wrong place and it had!

I slept poorly again last night. The window which connects my room to the toilet does not shut properly which probably explains the loud and clear acoustics I get whenever someone uses it. The light also shines into my bedroom when it’s turned on. It doesn’t help that I’m a light sleeper.

The tinkling sound of urine hitting porcelain is intensely irritating when I’m trying to sleep. Is it just me? Perhaps I’m being a princess about this. When something is irritating it seems to go on for ages and ages. It’s even worse when the toilet light goes on and there’s no sound at all as then I know it’s going to be a number 2. I feel like I’m sleeping in a public toilet. At 2am last night I got desperate and decided to take matters into my own hands and ended up booking the B&B downstairs for myself for the remainder of the trip. It’s modest, reasonably priced, and my luggage seemed to like the stay it had there. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight without the orchestra from the toilet. I don’t mind sharing a toilet at all, indeed I’ve never lived anywhere with an ensuite, I’d just prefer to have a solid wall between my bedroom and the shared toilet.

Sorry for the lack of photos of Barcelona. I haven’t been out very much and it’s amazing how small things like lost bags and toilet dramas can taint your view of a place. If someone were to ask me right now what I think of Barcelona I would probably say, “meh”. We did go up on the gondola last night just before dark and got to see some wonderful views of the city. Hopefully these pics will make up for a bit of my whining.