An orchestra in the toilet

I got my bag early yesterday evening, thank goodness. There’s a B&B in the building we’re staying in so I had the idea to go and knock on their door to see whether my bag had been delivered to the wrong place and it had!

I slept poorly again last night. The window which connects my room to the toilet does not shut properly which probably explains the loud and clear acoustics I get whenever someone uses it. The light also shines into my bedroom when it’s turned on. It doesn’t help that I’m a light sleeper.

The tinkling sound of urine hitting porcelain is intensely irritating when I’m trying to sleep. Is it just me? Perhaps I’m being a princess about this. When something is irritating it seems to go on for ages and ages. It’s even worse when the toilet light goes on and there’s no sound at all as then I know it’s going to be a number 2. I feel like I’m sleeping in a public toilet. At 2am last night I got desperate and decided to take matters into my own hands and ended up booking the B&B downstairs for myself for the remainder of the trip. It’s modest, reasonably priced, and my luggage seemed to like the stay it had there. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight without the orchestra from the toilet. I don’t mind sharing a toilet at all, indeed I’ve never lived anywhere with an ensuite, I’d just prefer to have a solid wall between my bedroom and the shared toilet.

Sorry for the lack of photos of Barcelona. I haven’t been out very much and it’s amazing how small things like lost bags and toilet dramas can taint your view of a place. If someone were to ask me right now what I think of Barcelona I would probably say, “meh”. We did go up on the gondola last night just before dark and got to see some wonderful views of the city. Hopefully these pics will make up for a bit of my whining.



24 responses to “An orchestra in the toilet”

  1. At least there is no percussion section in the orchestra (no banging 🙂 )

    1. Oh, yes, listening to the people in the next room having sex is equally irritating.

  2. This B&B has a nice feeling about it! Hope you have a better sleep tonight and see some good things out and about.

    1. The B&B is perfect. I’m loving it.

  3. Just catching up at last with you Rachel after returning to blogging and a very Happy New Year to you, although I see you are in Barcelona, wow! I’ve never been there, but my middle boy went on a school trip with his A Level geography class and loved it. He keeps telling me to go to this day, he said I would love the architecture. Who knew? I suppose like anywhere, you have to know where to go to get the best bits. Awful about the toilet, I would be just the same as you, not a princess at all, just finding some peace and quiet at night. I am a light sleeper and I feel your pain! Hope the B&B is much better 🙂

    1. If you make it to Barcelona I definitely recommend you come during winter. It’s less busy and the temperature is quite mild. Accommodation is often a bit cheaper too because it’s the low season. I think it would be very hot and crowded here in summer and a bit unpleasant.

  4. Horrible not to be able to sleep – and no I don’t think you’re being a Princess about it at all. Very disruptive. Hope you get some sleep tonight in the B&B – and glad you have finally got your luggage! Then you can start enjoying your trip 🙂

    1. I’ll be having an early night tonight. It’s very nice here in the B&B.

  5. Rachel, I can’t believe anyone would think it was ok to put you in accommodation like that! After a few nights, you could be tempted to throw yourself out the window / door! Hopefully you’ll feel refreshed after a decent night’s sleep and be more able to enjoy the delights of Barcelona. BTW a friend of mine always takes a “survival pack” on board as hand luggage having had her luggage lost for 4 days on an overseas trip!

    1. It’s partly my fault Susie because we were all involved in the decision-making process to choose a place. The place itself is very big and really lovely but I was the last to arrive and got the last room which adjoins the toilet. It wasn’t clear from the photos of the place that there would be a room like this. In all other respects the place is very good.

      I slept perfectly last night and am expecting to have another good sleep tonight.

  6. I’m so bummed that the room we got you was so bad! I very much appreciate your solution – you’re very close to the group, and you’ll have a better sleep!

    1. In all other respects the place is perfect and it’s kind of my own fault as I helped to choose the place right at the start! I’m happy with the solution too and it has worked out fine.

  7. So pleased to hear that you finally got your suitcase. That is really bad about the toilet. I couldn’t bear to have to sleep with those sound effects and the light going on and off. Hope you sleep soundly in your new accommodation and have a chance to see more of Barcelona.

    1. I’m quite fussy about light. I like to sleep in complete darkness and find even a bit of light disturbing. I’m also fussy about noise and don’t cope very well when neighbours have loud parties.

  8. Hey Rach,

    Barcelona is a wonderful city but there are definitely some tourist traps to avoid. Let me know if you would like some tips although I’m sure you will do some discovery of your own. Don’t bother with the beach and avoid the Ramblas- although the indoor market just off of it is great!

    I hope you get a better nights sleep & have a fantastic rest of the trip x

    1. Ah, thanks, Liv. That’s good to know. The beach and the Ramblas were two places I hadn’t gone and I was thinking I needed to check them out but now that you’ve said this I might give them a miss. I haven’t got much time left anyway.

  9. The tinkling sound of urine hitting porcelain is intensely irritating when I’m trying to sleep. Is it just me? Perhaps I’m being a princess about this.

    No and no.


    Glad to hear you moved. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

    1. “¿Qué?”
      “Mr Fawlty! Mr Fawlty! There’s an orchestra in the toilet!”

    2. Thanks! It’s a work trip rather than a holiday but it has been good.

  10. You can’t win. You can go to a cheapish hotel somewhere where there’s an odd musty smell. Or a nice sterile and clean expensive hotel where they only use the finest German Perpenpillows (so named because they keep your head 90 degrees from the bed). Oh and there was that delightful Hilton I stayed at which didn’t have a barrier between the inside and the outside. So… I could endure -20C in my room, or the ventilation system loudly rattling away trying to keep it up to 20C. (Perpenpillows don’t actually cover your ears, they precariously balance on them.)

    1. I’ve never heard of perpenpillows. They sound uncomfortable.

      Fawlty Towers is the best and I guess part of the reason we find it so funny is because we’ve all had bad hotel experiences and so we can relate to it.

  11. […] French. The accommodation and work space is also very comfortable and I’ve had none of the dramas of my last work trip to Spaindramas of my last work trip to Spain, thank […]

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