A mathematician’s clock

Our new clock arrived to replace the one I broke. I really like it. I love that every number is a three. Three is a prime number too and primes are the best.


9 responses to “A mathematician’s clock”

  1. Always 3 3s! 🙂
    I do not get the notation used to get the 10.

    1. Yeah, I had to ask Ben that one. It’s 3 x 3.3333333333333……

      The 3 with a line above it means 3 repeating.

      1. And it is European clock, not an English one. Did not know about the line above, but had the clock used a decimal dot, I might have guessed. Let’s hope Scotland joins the EU, when England for some reason wants to get out.

        1. Yeah, the comma is a bit annoying. I would prefer a decimal dot. Does all of Europe use the comma?

      2. Had to look it up to be sure.

        Looks like it are again the countries that suffer most under mitigation sceptics that are the exception and use a decimal dot.

        1. So all we need to do is get the whole world to use a comma and climate change will be solved 🙂

          1. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, you know that correlation is not causation. 🙂

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