The Imitation Game

I just watched this movie for the second time and it was just as fantastic as the first. We watched it with Daniel and he really enjoyed it and indeed I think it's a good movie to get kids interested in mathematics. Alan Turing was a mathematician and a war hero. He broke Enigma, the German cryptography machine, and… Continue reading The Imitation Game

What not to say to a mathematician at a party

Whenever Ben tells a stranger at a party he's a mathematician the response is usually something like, "I hated maths at school". It's a very common response but if you changed the word "maths" to something else it's also a very odd response. Imagine telling someone you're a florist and they respond with, "I hate… Continue reading What not to say to a mathematician at a party

Voting, blogging, times tables, and Aberdeen

Apparently we can vote here. Amazing. I was under the impression that we couldn't vote since we don't have permanent residency but it seems I was wrong. When I arrived back from Barcelona in early January, I caught a taxi home from the airport and the taxi driver was talking to me about voting. I told him… Continue reading Voting, blogging, times tables, and Aberdeen