A mathematician’s clock

I accidentally broke Ben’s clock. I knocked it off the wall, thinking I was reaching for the light switch, and it fell on the floor and broke. We love Ben’s clock. It was a gift from his sister and always entertains visitors to our house.


Ben and I spent a bit of time yesterday afternoon finding a replacement online and it turns out he’s quite fussy. While he loves the old clock the 11 has always bothered him since it’s not exactly 11 and requires a bit of rounding. And when I found an algebra clock, not unlike the one below, he dismissed it with, “That’s not algebra; that’s arithmetic”.


We ended up finding one he’s happy with and it’s on its way! I’ll post a pic once we’ve got it.


6 Replies to “A mathematician’s clock”

  1. But the original only has the two bits of algebra (not totally sure if i^2 even counts) and the other one shown has four.

    1. I don’t think Ben would classify the original as having any algebra either. We weren’t looking for one exactly the same as the original. I just happened to see one that was advertised as being an algebra clock.

  2. Oh no! The old one broke; it looks cooler than the other ones in this post. Hope the new one is cool as and looking forward to its photo.

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