What’s growing in my garden?

Gardens change dramatically with each season in this part of the world so I thought I’d post some more photos of my garden now that we’re well into summer. The last post like this was back in May.

Last winter I scattered wildflower seeds in the garden and the annual cornflowers have just started flowering. I’ve never seen them before in my life – the foliage in Brisbane is very different – and they’re just lovely. I also have perennial cornflowers but they’re not the same. Annual cornflowers are more delicate and a very vivid blue. I like them a lot.


The sunflowers I grew from seed in the greenhouse and eventually planted outside have survived and are doing well. Sunflowers can grow outside this far north after all. I don’t think it’s their ideal climate; it never gets hot here and I think they prefer higher temperatures but I can see the beginnings of a flower at the very top so I’m hopeful. The first one I planted outside is almost as tall as I am and I’m 175cm. I took a selfie of the two of us.


Some garden photos. I need to fill in those gaps.



I ate my first cherry tomato yesterday and there are lots more about to ripen.


If you were a plant which one would you be? I think I’d be a camelia because they like the shade and flower in winter. They also don’t have any thorns and make good tea.

14 responses to “What’s growing in my garden?”

    • I have a couple of varieties. This one is a cherry tomato. I’m not sure of the specific name. I’ve also got a tiger tomato (not sure of the name of this either) which produces fruit with yellow stripes. I haven’t tried any of these yet though because it’s not quite at that stage.

      • the west coast is right in the track of the North Atlantic Drift so both wetter and milder (and midgier). There are some lovely gardens, places like Inverewe which should never be possible so far north- according to popular legend you can occasionally find coconuts on Hebridean beaches carried all the way from the Carribean 🙂

  1. Cornflowers are one of my favourite garden plants — that blue! I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get enough sunshine to coax the sunflowers out.

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