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  • Photos from WordCamp Europe 2016

    I work with so many wonderful photographers that I’ve stopped taking photos myself when I’m around them. There are always so many terrific photos that come out afterwards which other people have taken. Here are some of them. This one was taken by Elio. We look like gangsters, don’t you think? It looks like I’ve got […]

  • Look what I did in Vienna!

    On my last night in Vienna it was a friend’s birthday and a small group of us got together to celebrate.We went indoor skydiving at Windobona. Here’s the video of my first minute of flying. It was exhilarating and harder than I was expecting. When you first start the trainer stays in there with you. I’m […]

  • Vienna, WordCamp EU, and Gustav Klimt

    I have been remiss in not posting anything for days and days but I have been so busy. WordCamp EU 2016 is now over and all I can say is, WOW! It was so huge with over 2000 people turning up and more than a hundred volunteers. The best part for me was seeing old friends and making […]

  • A Viennese waltz

    I’m very excited to be attending Word Camp EU in Vienna this week. The lineup of speakers is superb and so many of my coworkers are going that it’ll be like a mini grand meetup. Ben and the kids are also coming along and we’re going to stay in Vienna for an extra couple of days afterwards […]