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  • The stick insects have been fornicating

    The stick insects have been fornicating

    Last week I discovered lots of little baby stick insects in our stick insect habitat. We started with four nymphs which I purchased on eBay last  year and they ate lots of leaves and grew and they must have laid eggs at some point because now there are babies. I’m not even sure how many – […]

  • Cycling with babies and toddlers

    I watched this video recently of cycling with babies and toddlers on the Dutch Bicycle blog. I won’t say anything about it other than to point out to those who might be horrified when they see it that the Dutch have the lowest incidence of head injuries in the world.

  • Baby photos

    I started this blog because of the Christchurch earthquakes but many women start blogs as a way to record images of their children. My blog has certainly morphed into that over the years but there’s nothing of my children from before the earthquakes. I realised this yesterday when I went searching for a baby photo […]

  • Breasts are multifunction devices

    I made the mistake  yesterday of following the #breastfeeding hashtag on Twitter. Most of it was good reading but there were a few comments from people who objected to breastfeeding. I have never met anyone personally who claims to be offended by breastfeeding so this was new for me and quite astonishing. These people think their […]

  • Is breastfeeding offensive?

    I’ve written a bit recently about how sometimes I just want to tell someone to “get over it” when they claim to be offended by something. Breastfeeding is a great example of this. Apparently a flashy London hotel has asked a breastfeeding mother to put a napkin over her baby’s head while breastfeeding. This has sparked […]