My cooking isn’t so bad after all

My sister flew back to London early this morning. Last night I made lentil soup for us all for dinner. When I said this is what we’d be having my sister looked at me as though I’d announced we’d be eating monkey’s brains then she added, “I’ll just have left-overs”. But once I started cooking she was encouraged by the smell to give it a try. It turned out to be a hit, so much so, that she had another bowl of it for breakfast this morning 🙂 If anyone wants my red lentil soup recipe it’s here and it’s delicious.

Today didn’t start off so well. When I dropped the kids at school I somehow managed to chain my handbag to the bike. Then when I was unlocking it, the chain- which is one of those coil chains and has a bit of a spring to it – flicked back as I unlocked it flinging my keys into a gated part of the school grounds. Ben very kindly offered to retrieve them for me but had to climb over a high fence with spikes on top. Fortunately he made it over and back in one piece but it was one of those moments where I thought it’s a good thing we don’t plan to have any more kids.

We discovered this weekend that our lawn mower has gone missing somewhere en route from New Zealand to Scotland. I think it unlikely that someone has stolen it because it’s a very, very old push mower which we bought second hand about 10 years ago. Why would anyone want that? It’s also a strange thing to lose because it’s not small and easily misplaced. It’s the only thing we’ve lost in the move which probably means we’ve been fairly lucky.