The Rocket Bike

We’ve been thinking about getting a new cargo bike lately because our kids are getting a bit small for the bakfiets. The main problem is that Daniel is too tall when the rain tent is on – which is all the time – and so the kids have to sit on the floor of the bike instead of on the seat.

The cargo bike is our car and gets used every single day. We even go on longish rides with it and it will be many years before Daniel is capable of cycling around the streets on his own bike. We also have no intention of ever purchasing a car.

Consequently I have spent a very enjoyable Sunday morning ogling at cargo bikes on the web. There are so many amazing bikes out there with very creative features and designs. But this one takes the cake:


It’s called the Boxer Rocket and is made in the UK by a British startup in Dorset called Boxer Cycles. The company is currently seeking funding.

I had the same reaction as this reviewer when I saw it which was, “Shut up and take my money!”. The bike seats four kids on two benches which face each other. There’s lockable storage in the nose of the bike and it also has front and rear indicators. I often find myself wishing I had indicators on my bike as sticking an arm out when you’re about to turn on a heavy cargo bike is not really the safest thing to do. It comes with an electric motor and also a jet engine simulator which sold it for Daniel. The kids’ seats recline creating a bed if they want to lie down and sleep which would be great on long trips. It’s not cheap, though, with a price of £4950.00. What do you think?