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  • Red Deer Centre, Aberfeldy

    Red Deer Centre, Aberfeldy

    Just outside Aberfeldy is a red deer centre where you can feed some deer and get up close to a barn owl. We took the children there this afternoon and it was wonderful. I’ve never seen deer up close let alone hand-fed one. It looks like Daniel is feeding his hand to the stag in this […]

  • Countesswells Woods and a strange dream

    I have just been to the best children’s party I’ve ever attended. Ok, so maybe that’s not saying much: children’s parties aren’t exactly known for their entertainment value to adults. But this was different and I can honestly say it was an enjoyable and even relaxing experience. The words “Children’s party” and “relaxing” don’t usually go […]

  • First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes

    This morning I found Daniel sitting on his bed looking very forlorn and crying to himself. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said, “I can’t find a good mod”. A mod is an add-on for the computer game, Minecraft. This is definitely a first-world kid problem 🙂 There was an event on […]