Duthie Park and buying a house

I took this photo of Duthie Park back in April this year just before all the buds on the trees opened up for spring:

Today I went for a run through the park and took some more photos. Here’s how it looks now:


I love watching the plants and trees change with the seasons. Duthie Park is looking very green and leafy at the moment. It’s such a treasure.



Buying a house in Scotland is a very different experience to the process in New Zealand. They don’t have real estate agents here for a start. Instead people list their homes directly with a solicitor. When you find a house you’re interested in, you ring the owner directly to arrange a viewing. That’s right, the owner shows you around their own home rather than an agent. This was quite nice because the owner knows more about their house than anyone else and they can tell you all the little quirks. If you want to put in an offer you get your own solicitor to do it and it’s all verbal. You don’t have to sign anything either. All that happens is that you tell your solicitor what offer you’d like to make, they phone the vendor’s solicitor who phones the vendor and relays the offer. They either accept or not accept or negotiate and it goes back and forth verbally until an agreement is reached. It was all very civilised, straightforward, and pleasant. This is how the process was for us anyway. I think in a seller’s market houses are sold by tender.

The owners of the house we’ve just bought, or will buy when it settles, rang us yesterday to say how delighted they are that we’re buying their home. Isn’t that nice? They’ve lived in it for more than a quarter of a century. They’re also going to have us over for drinks to tell us all the things they think we’ll want to know about their home.