Balmedie Beach

We had a superb day today. We booked one of the Co-wheels cars to try out and went to Balmedie Beach where I went for a swim in the North Sea.

We drove one of the electric cars parked very close to our home. We have a swipe card which unlocks the car from 5 minutes before the time of our booking. Ben and I are mechanically challenged and we spent a good 5 minutes rummaging through the glove box in search of the key to start it. According to the guide the keys are supposed to be in the glove box. Well, it turns out that’s just for the petrol cars. Electric cars don’t have a key as they have a push-button start. Eventually we figured this out and were able to get the car to start moving.

It felt a bit like driving a dodgem car, but without the banging into things of course, as there are no gears, no clutch and not even a proper ignition. It was very easy to drive though, very quiet and very smooth. It even came with some CDs which meant I got to boogie along to the Spice Girls which Ben was not so happy about. It’s terrific to be able to have the use of car whenever we want. The car was also very clean and it’s nice knowing we don’t have to worry about the servicing and general maintenance of it.

We went to Balmedie Beach which is only about 10 miles north of Aberdeen. It was beautiful. Golden sand for miles and miles and dramatic sand dunes along the shoreline. It reminded me a bit of Fraser Island in Queensland but much colder. The air temperature was about 7°C and the water temperature about 6°C.






For some very strange reason I have been wanting to swim in the North Sea for a little while now. I’m not sure why. I think the only reason is so that I can say I’ve done it and then blog about it 🙂 Fortunately there are no sharks or jellyfish here and I didn’t plan to go out very far so the risk of doing a Harold Holt was slim. Harold Holt was an Australian Prime Minister in the 1960s who went swimming at Cheviot Beach in Victoria and disappeared, never to be seen again. They never found his body.

Ben took lots of photos and a video just to prove I did it.







It was invigorating. I can see why people do it. I felt great afterwards and when I first got out I felt really warm. Although having said that, please excuse my language here, but it was fucking freezing and I’m not sure if or when I’ll do it again.

The kids really enjoyed the beach. They always love it even when they don’t swim. We went for a little wander and then had lunch and a hot drink at the nearby Beach Cafe which was very nice.