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  • Elephants, chopsticks and the economy

    Watching the Tory government over the past few weeks has been like watching an elephant try to pick up marbles with chopsticks. It would be quite funny except that we all now have to pay the price of their blunder with higher mortgage rates which are likely to last for years. Just three weeks of […]

  • Hunter or bully?

    I saw this photo of Donald Trump’s son this week and want to write about it: There’s nothing more attractive in a man, in my view anyway, than kindness and cleverness. Any man with these traits will send women weak at the knees. Ok, so if men want something more than weak knees they may also need […]

  • Rewilding

    I thought this short video about rewilding was rather lovely and so I want to share it. Rewilding is about restoring natural ecosystems – reintroducing missing plants and animals and letting nature take over. If you think the idea of elephants roaming Europe is odd, apparently biologists are already considering restoring Britain’s lynx population. Maybe […]