Job losses at the University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen University are calling for voluntary redundancies in a bid to save money. At this stage it is just voluntary but typically in these situations, if enough people don’t volunteer, they progress to forced redundancies. The physical sciences and mathematics are usually fairly safe so I think the chances of Ben losing his job are quite small, but it still got me thinking about what we’d do if it did happen. Financially we would be fine since I work and earn enough for us to live off. But we would have to leave the UK since I am only allowed to work here through a spousal visa from Ben and his visa was sponsored by the University of Aberdeen.

Where would we go? I don’t want to live anywhere else. I love it here. I love Scotland and I love living in the UK. It seems so fruitless to force us to move since I would be taking my job with me. It’s not like it would become available for a British citizen. I would simply take it and the tax I pay to whichever country we move to. But where would we go? I don’t want to live in New Zealand and Australia is too hot.

I had our piano tuned yesterday and the piano tuner told me I was the first Australian he had ever met who moved to Scotland for the climate. I love the climate here: it’s so mild. It’s not very cold and it never gets really hot. It’s perfect practically all year round and I can cycle everyday of the year at any time of day. It’s impossible to cycle in the middle of the day in a hot country as it’s unbearably hot.

If you could live in any country in the world, which would you choose?