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  • A new year, a new challenge

    A new year, a new challenge

    It has been one year since I started my new job at Award Force. We make software for managing award programs, competitions, industry recognition, recruitment, grants and more. It’s a great industry to work in because we get to see all that is great about human achievement. Humans love to receive recognition for a job […]

  • On being a leader and Doctor Who

    Several months ago I became a team lead at work and  I’m now leading a team of five Happiness Engineers. Last week I started a pilot coaching program to become a more effective leader. It’s like having my own personal coach. In fact that’s exactly what it is. The whole program is giving me warm fuzzies. […]

  • Job losses at the University of Aberdeen

    Aberdeen University are calling for voluntary redundancies in a bid to save money. At this stage it is just voluntary but typically in these situations, if enough people don’t volunteer, they progress to forced redundancies. The physical sciences and mathematics are usually fairly safe so I think the chances of Ben losing his job are quite small, […]

  • The economic benefits of tackling climate change

    Last week I wrote about the health benefits of ditching fossil fuels for carbon neutral fuels but now I want to highlight the economic benefits of doing so. A University of Massachusetts publication – The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy –  finds that investment in clean energy creates about three times as many […]

  • An unimportant job?

    Someone told me this week that I should get a job. Haven’t I got a job already? Is looking after one’s children considered so worthless by society that it’s not even recognized as being a valuable occupation? Sometimes I think about looking for paid work because I want the money, not because I don’t like […]