Voting, blogging, times tables, and Aberdeen

Apparently we can vote here. Amazing. I was under the impression that we couldn’t vote since we don’t have permanent residency but it seems I was wrong. When I arrived back from Barcelona in early January, I caught a taxi home from the airport and the taxi driver was talking to me about voting. I told him I wasn’t eligible to vote because I’m a foreigner. He replied that his daughter’s boyfriend just recently moved here and he’s a foreigner too, yet he is eligible to vote. I asked him where the boyfriend is from and he replied, “England” 🙂

I’ve made lots of friends in the blogging world and although I feel as though I know some of these people quite well, most of them I will probably never meet. But what happens when a blogging friend simply disappears? Someone who always posted everyday or almost everyday suddenly vanishes off the face of the earth? As blogging friends we only see one part of someone’s life and so we have no idea about all the other aspects and they’re under no obligation to keep us informed. But when someone vanishes, I can’t help wondering what happened. Is everything ok? Are they still alive? It doesn’t seem fair that we might never know.

Last weekend Elizabeth asked me about the times tables and I explained that two times three is the same as adding one group of three with another group of three. She seemed to understand this and began drawing dots of the seven times tables. For two times seven, she drew a group of seven dots and another group of seven dots then added them all up. Then she tried seven times seven. She drew the forty-nine dots perfectly but when she added them all up she accidentally counted one dot twice and ended up with 50. There were tears.

It’s coming up to six months in Aberdeen now and I really like it here. The people are so friendly and there’s a wonderful mix of nationalities. So far I’ve met people from Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, Iraq, Egypt, Malaysia, Lebanon, France and Holland. I’ve heard other languages but I’m yet to identify them all. The climate is mild: not too hot and not too cold and we can walk and cycle everywhere.