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  • I’m on TV!

    This morning I was interviewed by John Parkinson from WordPress TV about what WordPress means to me. Is this my stepping stone to a part on Doctor Who? I probably should have brushed my hair a bit better first. John interviews people who attend WordCamps. He has other great interviews on the WordPress.tv site.

  • Voting, blogging, times tables, and Aberdeen

    Apparently we can vote here. Amazing. I was under the impression that we couldn’t vote since we don’t have permanent residency but it seems I was wrong.¬†When I arrived back from Barcelona in early January, I caught a taxi home from the airport¬†and the taxi driver was talking to me about voting. I told him…

  • Sock puppet

    Just a quick post to warn other bloggers about sock puppets. I recently found one on my blog. These are people who comment under a false identity to make it seem like more people are critical of your posts than is really the case. In some cases, a sock puppet’s purpose may be to add…