Cycling, naughty words and vegetarian biscuits

I have had a couple of flat tyres on my bike recently. It is very annoying when this happens because it is almost always when I am cycling or about to go cycling. What it has made me realise is how much I prefer cycling to walking and running because what usually happens is that I have to complete my journey on foot. Walking and running are just so boring. Cycling is so much fun. Fortunately it only costs Β£10 to fix a puncture and probably even less if I learnt how to do it myself.

At school, a little girl in Daniel’s class came and told me that Daniel said some naughty words today. In the same accusatory tone she added that he also made Brandon laugh. Making Brandon laugh must be a very naughty thing indeed. My friend pressed her for more details and managed to find out the naughty words. They’re bum and stinky bum. This is a big relief for me because I sometimes let a few naughty words slip myself and bum and stinky bum are not one of them

Elizabeth offered Daniel a McVities Digestive this afternoon. He turned his nose up at it and said “I don’t want a vegetarian biscuit, I want a creamy one”. What have I done to make my son think that anything plain/healthy/boring is vegetarian? *All* biscuits are vegetarian, although I’m sure that if someone offered Daniel a biscuit topped with bacon he wouldn’t turn it down.