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  • It’s more than just football

    I watched some of the football last night. This might seem insignificant but it’s anything but. I’ve never watched a game of football in my entire life and never had the slightest bit of interest in the sport so for me to sit and choose to watch the game is a Halley’s comet moment. I […]

  • Never was there such slaughter in our islands

    Never was there such slaughter in our islands

    I’ve finished reading The Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwall. There are 13 books in the series and while they are works of fiction they follow the history of how England came to be, as far as we understand it today. The books start with Alfred the Great and end with his grandson, King Æthelstan, […]

  • Marvelous Freud, should he visit the Queen?

    We are going to spend the latter half of this year in York, England. It is a trip we’ve been planning for a couple of years but we’ve only just booked our flights. I am very excited about the prospect of living in York for 6 months but my excitement is marred because it meant […]