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  • The suffragettes and a tartan scarf

    The suffragettes and a tartan scarf

    I got myself a wonderful tartan scarf in the suffragette colours this week. I was inspired by the woman who was ejected from Scottish parliament for wearing a scarf in the Suffragette’s colours. Scottish parliament later apologised claiming it was a mistake but by then scarfgate had taken off and these lovely scarves have since […]

  • Violence against women and girls

    Until recently I thought men and women committed crimes in more or less equal numbers. This isn’t the case. The Office of National Statistics publishes prison population figures every week and I downloaded the data for 11th February 2022. The difference between the sexes is substantial. In the last week, the number of prisoners in […]

  • Women’s sports and the IOC

    Women’s sports and the IOC

    I was surprised this week by the new International Olympic Committee guidelines on transgender women in sport. They say there should be no presumption that transgender women (humans who were born male but identify as female) have a physical advantage over females. This is an odd thing to say. All my life I’ve observed male […]

  • I’m going on a permanent shaving strike

    I’m going on a permanent shaving strike

    I’ve decided to stop shaving my legs. Living in a cold climate where I wear tights or trousers for 8 months of the year has made me realise what a pointless waste of time shaving is. I started shaving as a teenager because this is what society told me I had to do. I never […]

  • Smacking is a euphemism for assault

    Smacking is a euphemism for assault

    Smacking is to be banned in Scotland, hopefully from next year, and I’m very happy about this. But apparently only 30% of Scots support the new legislation. I find this surprising. Hitting a child is assault. It’s always done in anger and it can cause long-term psychological harm. Once upon a time it was legal […]

  • What to tell the man at the post office when posting Mooncups?

    Yesterday I posted a couple of Mooncups to a friend who wanted to try them. For those who have no idea what a Mooncup is it’s a reusable, silicon cup which women can use when they have their periods instead of having to purchase disposable pads and tampons every month. The man at the post […]

  • Lady gardens (= pubic hair)

    It must be time for another post about pubic hair. My last post about the topic was a few years ago now and pubic hair is currently in the news with some Bristol University students talking about it in this video. Why do women shave off all their pubic hair? A few of them admit they […]

  • Family, WooCommerce, and women in the workplace

    It has been almost a week since I wrote a post! This is unlike me. Usually I’m bursting at the seams with things to say. Lots of things have happened this week too but for some reason I just haven’t felt like writing. Dad left last Monday which was sad. We all enjoyed having him […]

  • Platonic solids

    Last night, just as I was about to hop into bed, I was forced to endure a lesson on platonic solids. And no, unfortunately platonic solids have nothing to do with sex or lack of. They’re far less exciting. This is one of the side-effects of being married to a mathematician: I get lessons. He’s […]

  • Women and the Islamic State

    As a woman living in the 21st Century, I have enjoyed the freedom to study, to work, and to express my thoughts without fear of punishment, and so I am completely dumbfounded as to why three teenage girls would voluntarily fly to Syria to join the Islamic State. What could they possibly be thinking? According to the […]

  • Breasts are multifunction devices

    I made the mistake  yesterday of following the #breastfeeding hashtag on Twitter. Most of it was good reading but there were a few comments from people who objected to breastfeeding. I have never met anyone personally who claims to be offended by breastfeeding so this was new for me and quite astonishing. These people think their […]

  • Women and scientists threats to society

    Australian politics has become so extreme that it is now bordering on funny. Australians have shamelessly elected someone who not only thinks coal and cars are king but who also inexplicably once said, I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number […]